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Duration40 minutes

Dumbstruck on Bazely Street, set in London, to be listened in Cape Town

Mother City, set in Cape Town, to be listened in London

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To listen in situ on the 108 bus in either Cape Town or London, go to or download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Download the app (and the audio drama via the app) BEFORE you board the 108 bus.

To listen at home, see the audio players above. Recorded in binaural sound – please listen on headphones or earbuds.

108 in London: Lewisham > Blackheath > Peartree Way > Millennium Village > North Greenwich > Poplar > Bow > Violet Road > Stratford City > Stratford International Station

Listen in situ in Cape Town on Echoes

The route proceeds through strikingly contrasting areas: predominantly middle-class Blackheath, the new developments on the Greenwich Peninsula, multi-ethnic Tower Hamlets, to end at the white elephant of Stratford International Station – where, despite its name, no international services call. The audio drama is set from Blackheath to Poplar.

108 in Cape Town: Hangberg > Hout Bay Harbour > Sea Point > Adderley

Listen in situ starting Blackheath, London on Echoes

Under the apartheid system, the Group Areas Act designated Hangberg as a “coloured” residential area. Poverty and unemployment in Hangberg are high, and it has been the site of a number of political protests. Hout Bay & Sea Point contain multi-million rand mansions, luxurious holiday homes and some small wine estates.

Supported by funding from Goldsmiths, University of London Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies’ 40th Anniversary Community Fund.

With thanks to the Museum of Walking and #SoundWalkSunday Executive producer Andrew Stuck

NG Bristow

NG Bristow

In 2019 Nigel wrote and directed DUMBSTRUCK ON BAZELY STREET one half of ONE OH EIGHT - a pair of geolocated audio dramas set on the 108 bus routes in London and Cape Town. The listener downloads the app which triggers the audio drama to play on their pho...

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