Das Private ist poetisch

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Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, Hansaallee, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Language German
Duration 45 minutes
Cost Free

Young people tell what they stand up for politically. More than 250 young people between the ages of 11 and 29 submitted audio contributions for the storytelling competition “The Private is Poetic” of the Anne Frank Educational Centre in Frankfurt. They are about identity, self-determination, flight and arrival. About recognition, climate change and capitalism, fear of the future, co-creation and community.

In the audio walk, you can hear the contributions of the nine prize winners together with collages from other submissions.


idea: Astrid Kasperek
script: Sophie Burger
with competition entries by: Hannah Biedermann, Maja Royé, Canan Solmus, Casey Raabe, Hanna Veiler, Amina Rassul, Pia Sophie Möller, Jule Tschierschke, Anastasiia Mysik
narrator: Barbara Biel
script editing: Marie-Sophie Adeoso
postproduction: Fabian Eck
cover illustration: Marwa Yasin
commissioned by: Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
sponsor: Williem Blair International
Hosted by: Storydive



Founded by developer and sound designer Fabian Eck and writer and producer Sophie Burger in 2020, Storydive is an app and platform for artistic and literary site-specific audio works. Storydive both creates and publishes audio walks and works with writers,...

Sophie Burger

Sophie Burger

SWS Grand Jury 2024

I am a writer, dramaturge and the founder of the audio walk platform Storydive. With 15 years of experience in realising audio walks and other site-specific formats in the cultural and educational sector, I create my own productions as well as commissioned...

Near Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, Hansaallee, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

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