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Further Adventures in Deep Canine Topography: Attending to Rhythm and Reptition

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This sonically enhanced walking experience invites you to walk whilst embodying the soundscape of the canine. Your location for the walk is up to you. You can even listen from the comfort of your home and imagine walking as dog. Take a walk with a canine companion or embody the canine. You can choose to match the pace of the canine body, or walk against its rhythm.

This work forms part of a wider practice based investigation of the performance of human-canine hybrid aesthetic walking practices and forms part of my current PhD and focuses on the rhythm and repetition of the urban walkies through Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis. Using sound, document the daily repetitive morning walk, in urban Leicester (UK), this presentation explores two such walks, one taken in January 2020, the other in March 2020, during the Covid 19 lockdown period. Both walks follow the same circular route. Both attend to the rhythms of the human-canine bodies, traffic, human conversation and canine olfactory signs and signifiers, exploring harmony and disharmony between the linear rhythms of production and more messy rhythms of nature and the more than human. The walks also highlight the dramatic change in the sonics of our neighbourhood before and during lockdown. Binaural microphones are positioned close to the canine body to capture a soundscape from the canine perspective. Duration of each walk is around 13 minutes. Headphones are essential.

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