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SWS23 2023

Headford Lace Trail

Marina Postir (L) and Teresa Eagleton (R) listening to the audio walk on their headphones, outside the library in Headford
Multiple locations
55 minutes
English, Gaeilge (Irish)


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Sound walk

Just when you think you’re settling in for a typical ‘guided heritage walk’, things start to get weird.

Set off to discover a time when lacemaking wasn’t just a hobby, but a matter of survival for an entire community. Join a cast of characters from Headford’s past and present in this audio walk with a twist… in time.


Cast, in order of appearance:

Emma O’Grady as your friend, the modern-day lacemaker;
Ed Coulson as the lace agent;
Mary McHugh as Honor Maile and Julia de Villiers;
Sophie Morrow as Mary Connell; and
Eilís Nic Dhonncha as the voice of the audio guide.

Appearing as themselves: Matthew Berrill, Teresa Eagleton, Pat Monaghan, Margie McNamara, and Norma Owens.

Music specially arranged and performed for this walk by Matthew Berrill.

Thanks to Headford Lace Project committee – and Norma Owens in particular – for help with historical research and script editing. Thanks also to Mary O’Connor and Brega Webb for additional research help.

Produced by Ed Coulson for Headford Lace Project, with the support of Galway County Council Arts Office.

Hosted by: Headford Lace Project

APA style reference

Coulson, E. (2023). Headford Lace Trail. walk · listen · create.

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A slow, leisurely walk that encourages musing or a sense of wonder (see attested Middle English etymology).

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