Paths Traveled

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Buckhannon, WV, USA

Walking piece details

Duration20 minutes
Cost Free
Paths Traveled on iTunes

Paths Traveled is a collection of audio tours in and around Buckhannon, WV.

Community members contribute audio tours of the town and the surrounding area: Walking, biking, hiking, rolling, driving, etc.

Subjects range far and wide — from historical information, to personal stories, fictional stories, to hiking and biking trails/routes, architectural information, food, art, favorite places to walk a dog, geographical phenomena, best place to spot cats, favorite/least favorite locations, escapes, gathering spots, and various other points of interest.

Participants are urged to take these podcasts on a mobile device, and enjoy the paths traveled throughout the Buckhannon area.

I especially enjoy the community interactions surrounding this project. Community members that were not usually a part of the arts-scene were engaged.

Ellen Mueller

Ellen Mueller

Ellen Mueller (she/her) has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring issues related to the environment, hyperactive news media and corporate management systems. She creates experiences that engage with social and po...

Near Buckhannon, WV, USA

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