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Paths Traveled

Paths Traveled
Buckhannon, WV, USA
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Paths Traveled is a collection of audio tours in and around Buckhannon, WV.

Community members contribute audio tours of the town and the surrounding area: Walking, biking, hiking, rolling, driving, etc.

Subjects range far and wide — from historical information, to personal stories, fictional stories, to hiking and biking trails/routes, architectural information, food, art, favorite places to walk a dog, geographical phenomena, best place to spot cats, favorite/least favorite locations, escapes, gathering spots, and various other points of interest.

Participants are urged to take these podcasts on a mobile device, and enjoy the paths traveled throughout the Buckhannon area.

I especially enjoy the community interactions surrounding this project. Community members that were not usually a part of the arts-scene were engaged.

APA style reference

Mueller, E. (2017). Paths Traveled. walk · listen · create.

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Do you like to stroll? Are you a fan of roaming? Then you should give stroaming a try. This is a word blend, just like brunch. In her 1796 novel Camilla, Frances Burney described a character who “stroamed into the ball-room, with the most visible marks of his unfitness for appearing in it.” The OED indicates that stroaming involves “long strides” and/or idleness, so watch your form and attitude when out on a stroam. Credits to Mark Peters.

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