Sculpture trail in the gardens of Waddesdon Manor

CC-BY-NC: Victoria Jenner
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The gardens at Waddesdon are populated with sculptures. Mainly of marble, they animate the garden and layer it with poetic, mythological and allegorical narratives. Humans and animals, terms and vases mark pathways, create focal points and provide structures of relative permanence in the ever-changing landscape. In a garden, sculptures change too, with the growth Conservators cannot (nor wish to) utterly prevent the growth of algae and lichen or banish the insects that take up residence in the stony folds and crevices. Cycles of growth and decay and the movements of Time are central themes in Waddesdon’s garden sculpture. If some works evoke pleasure, leisure and play, others highlight their transience

Since 2017
Hosted by Waddesdon Manor: Rothschild House and Gardens
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Twitter @WaddesdonManor
Duration 60 minutes
Cost The audio trail is accessible online for free, although grounds ticket will need to be bought. Grounds tickets may be bought in advance or on the day and is valid for the whole day 10am-5pm. National Trust, Art Fund or RHS membership cards allow free entry.
Location Waddesdon, Aylesbury, UK
Location Multiple locations

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