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Featured 11 Mar, 2020

Introducing the Sound Walk September Advisory Board

advisory board panel

With not just a little bit of pride, we present our newly minted Sound Walk September Advisory Board. Combining many years of expertise in connection to walking and sound walking, from a broad range of backgrounds across the globe, we foresee that the knowledge and understanding that these specialists bring to the table will allow us to take Sound Walk September to the next level.

March 10, 2020, saw our kick-off meeting. Joining the SWS organising committee of Andrew, Geert and Babak, were Josh Kopeček, Francesca Panetta, Julie Poitras Santos, Hamish Sewell, Duncan Speakman and Maja Thomas.

Josh Kopeček is the founder of Echoes, a free mobile app and open-access platform, specialising in geolocative audio.

Francesca Panetta is an immersive artist and journalist, using emerging technologies to innovate new forms of storytelling that have social impact. She currently works as Creative Director in the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality.

Julie Poitras Santos holds the position of Director of Exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, and lives in Portland, Maine.

Hamish Sewell is the founder and primary audio producer with the geo locative platform Soundtrails.

Duncan Speakman is an artist whose current research explores how mixed reality experiences might address our current ecological crisis, while continuing to wrap the questions in melancholy and romance. He is based at the Pervasive Media Studio, at the Watershed, in Bristol

Maja Thomas is the Chief Innovation Officer of Hachette Livre, and the Director of the Hachette Innovation Program, focusing on the intersection of publishing and digital innovation.

With utmost respect and pleasure, we welcome these specialists, and look forward to, with their help, broaden our reach, deepen our understanding, and, well, keep walking.

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