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And the Marŝarto23 winners are…

18 Feb, 2024

At the start of last year, we had the bright idea of expanding beyond sound walks, and introduced the Marŝarto Awards, the first and only award recognising outstanding walking art.

We received around 60 submissions, after which an Online Jury deliberated on which pieces should make it to the shortlist, from which a Grand Jury selected a winner and an honourable mention.

Between the two lauded pieces, it was a tight race, but Monique Besten’s Walking the Questions narrowly beat Alison Neighbour’s The (Future) Wales Coast Path to the top spot.

Both Monique and Alison take home a plaque and a cash prize. Congratulations!

The height of the cash prize is dependent on the total of financial support WLC receives from the community. Consider becoming a supporter and support WLC, and your fellow walking artists.

The submission window for Marŝarto24 is already open, and several of you have already submitted work. What are you creating this year?

Also of note, for both the SWS and Marŝarto Awards, we are giving the public, you, a stronger voice in selecting the shortlist; for both awards, the piece receiving the largest number of hearts/votes/likes and which is not already on the shortlist selected by the Online Jury, will be added to the shortlist.

So, tell your friends to register with WLC and to like your work!

Keep walking.

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2024-02-28 21:00 · Online
Walking America is a quarterly series of conversations that brings together American writers whose books share common themes. Introduced by Ann de Forest, Christine Hune, Nabil Kashyap and Willa Zhang will be in conversation. Keep reading

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I’ll be mostly preaching to the choir, here. Yet, I might also be giving you a helping hand when, the next time, you are asked what the point of this whole ‘walking art’ business is that you partake in. So, here are five misconceptions on walking art, with explanations as to why they are just

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All-American Ruins guides listeners through immersive audio fantasies, recreating my experiences exploring abandoned spaces. Along the way, I ask questions about society and culture while encouraging folks to activate their imaginations for healing. Keep reading

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