6 Nov, 2022

On a quiet Sunday two dimensions collide, today is world day celebrating “Play Outside” and the eve before the start COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh, dedicated to questions and answers about sustainability.

Both fade into walking, walking is healing, walking is by its nature of being in the moment a playful act. 

A walking artist uses his body to interact artistically with the environment, to react to its communities and make aware  the importance of whatever the walker encounters, making aware of a more than human planet. 

Walking with its origins in performance arts and visual arts in the 1960s, socially and politically inspired, gradually became an international art movement with artist practitioners all over the world and is a local-global catalyst for new formats and  venues of engaged art. 

Walking Art, of all contemporary art practices, has taken a pioneering role in recent years, initiated by some of the most essential needs of human beings: to move, to migrate, to transfer themselves to  another place, in a spirit of surprise and wonder for what and who is discovered along the road.  

The recent exhibition WALK  in Schirn Frankfurt brought 40 global artists together about how walking intersects with our planet in crisis. Encounters like Made of Walking/WAC, to happen again 3-10 July 2023, in the nature reserve of Prespa at the border of Greece, North-Macedonia, and Albania bring artists from all over the world to remote places, making aware of the importance nature and questioning borders, but above all to enjoy the natural purity, for the pleasure of walking and walking together. 

And here also walk · listen · create comes into play. We establish a long-term meeting space and crowd sourced online art venue consolidating the practice of Walking Art globally, including local communities and awareness of the environment. You are walk · listen · create. 

But we can not do this without your support. You can  become a silver member of walk · listen · create for just 5 euro per month, or 50 euro per year. 

As a supporter ou also get free access to a number of events. This specifically applies to our recurring cafés, scheduled, at least once a month.

Allow us to play on and clear the path for the walking arts of the future, for a more than human planet.

co-founder of walk · listen · create

Sponsor: Echoes
ECHOES specialises in geolocative audio. Our free platform allows creators to make and publish incredible GPS-triggered walking experiences. We also create apps which focus on sound and location, like The Royal Parks and The Royal Academy’s collaborative ‘Music for Trees’ app.

New walking pieces

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Upcoming events

11 - 13 Nov, 2022 · Cheese & Grain, Justice Lane, Frome, UK
Frome's annual Walking Festival brings together walks on various topics from history, environmental, countryside and more. Keep reading
12 Nov · Sat · 13:00 (UTC) · Lancaster Central Library, Market Street, Lancaster LA1 1HY, UK
Join Lancaster Arts for a conversation about grief and place followed by an audio walk featuring women in Lancaster talking about their experiences of grief, create... Keep reading
12 Nov · Sat · 11:00 (UTC) · Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone CT20 1QH, UK
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12 Nov · Sat · 11:00 (UTC) · Weston Park Museum, Western Bank, Mushroom Lane, Sheffield S10 2TP, UK
Weston Park Museum “tells the story of Sheffield from pre-history to today.”  Weston Park is filled with Sheffield’s memories, artefacts, and stories. If the walls ... Keep reading
12 Nov · Sat · 10:00 (UTC) · Sydenham Hill Station Car Park, College Road, Dulwich, Sydenham Hill, Sydenham SE21 7ND, UK
Walk talk along the Great North Wood in South East London organised by Guardians Worldwide Keep reading

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