Listening to the Land – Pilgrimage for Nature

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2022-01-25 19:00
19:00 UTC
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In September 2021 a group of ordinary people set off on an extraordinary odyssey: walking 500 miles along the UK, reaching Glasgow exactly as delegates and world leaders arrive in the city for the UN Climate Change Conference.

At this time of unique peril for our planet and all its inhabitants the walkers deeply connected with and listened to the land they travelled through, the species they encountered on the way and the communities they met living along the route. Their walk was a hopeful, creative and reverential kind of activism.

Organizer and co-creator of the walk Jolie Booth will share how Listening to the Land – Pilgrimage for Nature, created in collaboration with Anna Lehmann from No Planet B Initiative, attempted to listen to the land and generate creative responses from doing so, but how it also changed her relationship with nature. She’s interested to know what you think it might mean to listen to the land and why such an activity might be of value to the future of our planet.

Jolie Booth

Jolie Booth

Jolie Booth is artistic director of cutting edge arts company Kriya Arts. Last year she partnered with Anna Lehmann from No Planet B Initiative to create this once in a lifetime experience... In September 2021 a group of ordinary people, set off on an e...


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