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Along the Fence

Along The Fence
Schönwalder Allee 26, Berlin, Deutschland
57 minutes


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Walking piece

One of four participants guides the group along his usual route, which runs (due to his short memory disorder and his visual impairment with his right eye) counter-clockwise along the fence of Johannesstift area. So he can always see with his seeing left eye the fence around area and arrive at the starting point of his walk, closing the circle.

The project was developed as part of my art walk workshop, which is run as a regular educational program at the creative center for people with physical and cognitive disabilities “Die Macherei” at the Johannesstift Diakonie, Proclusio GmbH Berlin. The walk was made with the group of four people. Due to data protection, the names of the participants may not be mentioned in credits.


Andrey Ustinov &
Die Macherei, Johannesstift Diakonie Berlin, Proclusio GmbH
Hosted by: Die Macherei, Johannesstift Diakonie Berlin, Proclusio GmbH

APA style reference

Ustinov, A. (2023). Along the Fence. walk · listen · create.

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dauner, daunder

A Scottish version of a walk that drifts.

Added by Alec Finlay

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