Apsley Falls

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Apsley Falls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW

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Duration60 minutes
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Apsley Falls offers some of the most remarkable scenery in Eastern Australia, where untouched wilderness meets undulating farmland. After meandering gently across Walcha’s High Country, the Apsley River rises rapidly here, and then plummets from sheer slate cliffs into depths below. Continuing its journey through the Macleay Gorges Wilderness area, the river eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean at South West Rocks.

This is where the rainbow serpent went underground, where Aboriginal people built fish traps and made kitchens on rockfaces.

When the first Europeans brought thousands of sheep into the area, the gorge became a site of intense conflict. It’s a place of stunning beauty, home to rare and fascinating wildlife. But for some, Apsley Falls is also a place of unsettling melancholy, with a history that is still being reckoned with.

Take a walk along the gorge rim with scientists, artists, elders and rangers, as we journey beyond breathtaking views and into the deeper layers of meaning held in these rocks and waterways.

Near Apsley Falls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW

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