Hidden Sounds of Spike Island

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Bristol, UK

Walking piece details

Duration45 minutes

What should the city sound like?

In this hour long audio walking tour you will be guided to listen deeply and reflect on the present, past and future soundscapes along the Bristol harbour-side.

How has the sonic environment changed over time? And, importantly, how can we shape the future soundscapes of our cities?

Hidden Sounds of Spike Island is a walking piece created by the Building Instruments Team and Collaborators. More at https://buildinginstruments.com/.

Our research project, ‘Building Instruments’ had aims to understand peoples’ perceptions of the acoustic environment of Bristol, experiment with the idea of introducing sonic art interventions to investigate whether these could alter peoples perceptions of the acoustic environment, and finally to create a sonic trail/sound walk/audio tour not only to showcase the ideas investigated, but also to encourage members of the public to think about the past, present and future sounds in our cities.
This sound walk featured in Bristol’s Open Doors event (https://bristolopendoors.org.uk) as an audio tour exhibition presented within the Hidden Bristol App (developed and maintained by Echoes.xyz).

The Bristol Open Doors event has since passed, however the soundwalk is currently still available to experience within the Hidden Bristol App.

Jameson Musyoki

Jameson Musyoki

Jameson has a passion for art, design and engineering and has approximately 3 years acoustic consultancy experience at Stantec UK. Jameson has a strong interest in the research and practice of soundscape design for urban areas and plays the guitar.

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