Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail

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Duration80 minutes

Introducing the Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail.

Located in New England, Australia, this is a highly original sound walk that takes us into the heart of the town’s Open Air Gallery and makes clear why Walcha is increasingly renowned in the arts circuit today.
From Stephen King’s The Weather Signs to Gordon Hookey’s Rainbow Serpent, and ending at the Beacon overlooking town in Anzac Park, overlooking town: this is an intimate portal into the creative heartbeat of this town and her people.

Produced by internationally recognised sound artist, Hamish Sewell, narrated by bestselling local author John Heffernan and with rhythm and tunes of The Grim Brothers, the Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail is pitch perfect for those who want an adventure and wish to know more about this remarkable little town.

How did the Open Air Gallery come about? What’s the connection with Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea and why does the Apsley River crossing still hold sway with the locals today?
The Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail: surprising, performative and informative, but never dull.

Hamish Sewell

Hamish Sewell

SWS Advisory Board 2020 SWS Advisory Board 2021 SWS Grand Jury 2022

Hamish Sewell is the founder and primary audio producer with the geo locative platform Soundtrails. He has an extensive background in documentary radio and oral history and his works have won him international recognition and awards. For the last six y...

Near Walcha NSW, Australia

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