Carrington Moss Sound Garden

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Carrington Moss Sound Garden is a project that invites listeners to participate in the creation of an immersive-audio time capsule, where participants can walk, listen, record and plant sounds on Carrington Moss.

Carrington Moss is an area of greenbelt land that is currently under threat from developers seeking to build four major roads, and up to 10000 houses across it. It is an area that is much loved by the local community, used by dog-walkers, runners, cyclists, birdwatchers, and horse-riders.

This audio piece seeks to document how people interact with and enjoy this landscape, to encourage visitors to discover the Moss, to promote awareness of what we stand to lose, and to engage in helping document in an audio-form what exists today, that may be gone tomorrow.

Visitors of Carrington Moss will be invited to conduct a 3.5km (2mile) walking circuit – please allow an hour to complete the walk.
Participants will need to bring their own gps phone with recording facility and headphones. The piece requires people to download an app on to their phone that reveals the route, and invites listeners to record and plant audio mp3 files as geo-locative pieces of sound, documenting their time and experience of the landscape in those moments.

Recorded sounds might be some particular birdsong,or perhaps splashing feet in a bit of groundwater, or calling for their dog, hearing farm machinery, or horses passing by. Visitors will be invited to walk the length of the route, actively listening for their own as well as other people’s recordings of their experiences there, overlapping/blending to create a unique shifting soundscape for the landscape that will document this time of Carrington Moss.

Over time, sounds will become more densely populated and will ultimately contribute to creating a soundscape archive ‘time-capsule’ documenting tis time of the landscape before the development.

Since 2020
Hosted by Creative England funded a mentorship process in support of the production of this work
Duration 60 minutes
Location Birch Rd, Carrington, Manchester M31 4RA, UK

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