Justice, Freedom, Peace, Memory

CC-BY-NC: Yonatan Collier
Justice, Freedom, Peace, Memory
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‘Justice, Freedom, Peace, Memory’ is an immersive composition that is ‘performed’ through the Echoes app on GPS enabled Smartphones. GPS technology allows the mapping of a composition over a landscape, so that the music is experienced within the context of a very specific geography. The music that is composed for this project is created primarily from field recordings gathered at specific locations in the city centre of Groningen, The Netherlands.

The work is an immersive piece of interactive music that encourages the audience to develop a deeper engagement with both the history of this location and its modern day soundscape. Directions for the walk are provided in the Echoes app.

Since 2018
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Website URL
Twitter @yonatancollier
Duration 15 minutes
Location Groningen, Netherlands
Location Multiple locations

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