The Walking Cure

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Corporation Row, London, UK

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Duration30 minutes

THE WALKING CURE – an immersive detective story.

By NG Bristow and Andrew Stuck.  With the voice of Sally O’Leary.

Part crime reenactment.  Part sensory safari. Wholly unreliable guided walk for two people.

One day at dusk, Alex Mann vanished from the face of the earth.  Though ‘vanished’ isn’t quite the right verb.  Erased might be closer.  With the exception of eye-witness accounts of her final half hour, all earthly records of Alex’s life on earth have simply disappeared. 

Alex had spent the day at the British Library, making notes for a collection of stories she was working on.  She left the library shortly before dusk, heading in the direction of Smithfield.  It is believed that she recently downloaded a podcast called The Walking Cure and may have been listening to this at the time of her disappearance.  

A geolocated audio participatory experience, designed specifically for TWO people.  

It starts outside the London Metropolitan Archive (on the corner of Bowling Green Lane and Clerkenwell Close)  [What3words tolls.wink.oils].  This walk is best undertaken just before dusk.

The sound walk ends at Clerkenwell Green and takes approximately 30 minutes. This walk is best undertaken an hour before dusk N.B. part of this route passes through a churchyard which is locked at sunset. Try it now.

To accompany the geo-located sound walk there is A WEEK TO WALK A FORTNIGHT a 40pp illustrated chapbook of flash fiction with links to further geo-located audio. Conceived and written by NG Bristow and illustrated by Alban Low.  It is published by Sampson Low Publishers and distributed by the Museum of Walking.

A WEEK TO WALK A FORTNIGHT can be ordered from the Museum of Walking clicking on the link below, includes:

SUNDAY FOR SEVEN DAYS (ALL OVER LONDON): Seven print stories and geo-located audio.

IF IT TAKES A WEEK TO WALK A FORTNIGHT…: Seven print stories (plus seven more companion stories) and geo-located audio.

THE WALKING CURE: An immersive detective story. Geo-located audio for a 30 minute two-person sound walk experience – try out now.

NG Bristow

NG Bristow

In 2019 Nigel wrote and directed DUMBSTRUCK ON BAZELY STREET one half of ONE OH EIGHT - a pair of geolocated audio dramas set on the 108 bus routes in London and Cape Town. The listener downloads the app which triggers the audio drama to play on their pho...

Andrew Stuck

Founder Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...

Near Corporation Row, London, UK

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