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Big: Up to 1000 euros for winning our walking awards

20 Feb, 2023

You're reading that right; If you win this year's Sound Walk September or Marŝarto Awards, you will win up to 1000 euros in cold, hard, cash. Well, we will probably transfer the money to you, so it will technically be neither cold, or hard, but you get the idea.

Today, we're announcing cash prizes for the winners and honourable mentions of our two walking awards, the Sound Walk September Awards, and the Marŝarto Awards. For the former, any new work created after September 2022 is eligible, for the latter, any new work created after December 2021 is eligible.

Submitting is free, so, do not hesitate, submit your work, today.

Through our supporting membership program, you can help us support you. The height of the actual reward which winners and honourable mentions will receive will depend on the total monthly support we receive from you.

To start, we are guaranteeing that winners of the Sound Walk September and Marŝarto Awards will receive a cash prize of 250 euros. Honourable mentions will receive a cash prize of 100 euros.
When we reach a monthly total recurring support of 250 euros, we will double those amounts. When we reach a monthly 750 euros, we will double those amounts again, to final totals of 1000 and 400 euros respectively, with the remainder going towards upkeep, expenses, and additional projects.
Read up on our membership program now.

We're implementing another few changes along the way. The most prominent is probably that café recordings will now be available for all registered users.

Read up on our full announcement. If you are already a supporting member of walk · listen · create, we could not do this without you. If you're thinking of supporting us, please do, we really need your support to keep going!

Keep walking!

Co-founder of walk · listen · create

With the start of the season, and opening submissions for the SWS and Marŝarto Awards, we highlight existing and new members of the juries.

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As you know, walk · listen · create is a member-supported organisation. If you like what we do, and want to see more of it, please become a supporting member.

You will be facilitating a more sustainable organisation, and as a supporting member, you get free access to our online cafés.

Support us from 5 euros per month. It’s even a bit cheaper if you commit for a whole year. Check out the details.

New walking pieces

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