One Day in June

Walking piece details

This work presents dimensions of time, distance and place presented here as sequential sections from the eight recordings of a replicated walk across an Icelandic fell-side (walked once every three hours over 24 hours), spoken and written haibun and a (6.1m) text line.
This was a gallery installation based on the same walks as a radio broadcast – One Day in June, broadcast on Framework fm ( In the absence of being able to present an installation over the web I have used the soundcloud file from the radio broadcast. The only difference is that the installed piece didn’t have the introduction or the final sign off.

The poetry presented in various forms in the piece is available at

The sound recordings step a listener forward, through time and across distance, across a landscape, as I walk the eight times back and forth across an Icelandic fellside. Through the speaker you listen into one walk after another – to a time – one day in June – to a place – a remote Iceland fellside – to the passing of time – the (60 minutes) of the recordings, the hours between walks, my walking for 8 hours, my walking across 24 hours … and to distances – the two miles of a single walk, my overall walking for 16 miles, and the distance from here to the fellside. The text line offers letters, words shorn of almost all literary structure or space – words and phrases emerge … and dissolve, thoughts shift as you make and unmake meaning – but it is also be walked along, stepped around … it is not possible to engage with it without moving. As you move along the poems – you move feet in the gallery and miles in Iceland – bring your experiences, your memories of movement of time of things that you hear.

Martin Eccles

Martin Eccles

I am a walking sound artist and poet who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England. My practice aims to reflect the experience of my presence in and walking through natural environments. I uses a range of methods (predominantly sound and t...

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