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Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR, UK

Walking piece details

Duration30 minutes

This walk explores some of the arts spaces around Digbeth reflecting on the changes that the area has seen over the years and will continue to see through continued regeneration and arrival of HS2.

You will hear sounds recorded inside arts spaces, conversations with artists and recordings related to significant landmarks such as the train viaduct and the River Rea.

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Created by Annie Mahtani and Iain Armstrong

Annie Mahtani

United Kingdom

SWS Advisory Board Member SWS Advisory Board Member 2021 SWS Advisory Board Member 2022

Annie Mahtani is an electroacoustic composer, sound artist and performer working and living in Birmingham (UK). Her output encompasses electronic music composition from acousmatic music to free improvisation. Her work often explores the inherent sonic ...

Near Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR, UK

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