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synchronise is a guided sound walk and online gathering connecting us to place and to each other through synchronised walking in our local landscape. Harnessing collective pilgrimage, unbound by borders, we will explore ‘otherness’ with the human and the non-human.

Journeying singularly through distant spaces held within the same timeframe, we will move through our respective places, partaking in a collective ‘micro’ pilgrimage. Small walking with each other , from either sides of the planet, we will explore interconnectivity through movement, under sunlight and moonlight, depending on where we are.

The guided sound walk will invite gentle prompts and interactive sense based activity, engaging with inner and outer themes of nature. After our walk, we will gather together online to share our locative responses, weaving our sensory stories and walking experiences together. The gathering will offer a safe, holding space for inner and outer exploration and reflection. We will archive our walks through sensory drawing and memory mapping, preserving our encounters along the way.

At a time when we occupy smaller areas, with access to less and restrictions in place, we seek an opportunity to engage with our surroundings in a “micro” way. By collectively journeying through locative space we can experience the intimacy of our surroundings together, opening up new dialogues and ways of interacting with our everyday environments.

The workshop will take place within a two hour time frame; 10am-12pm(PT) 6pm-8pm(BT)
Pilgrim sound walk guide: 20 minutes

Date 01/11/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 18:00 UTC
18:00 UTC
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